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High School-Level Assessments: State Requires ACT or SAT for All Students

Why does it matter? Students and higher education institutions benefit when high school assessments are aligned with college entrance expectations. Additionally, students who previously did not have college expectations benefit when they are encouraged to pursue postsecondary education based on the results of statewide mandatory college admission assessments.

Three states—Colorado, Illinois and Michigan—currently require all grade 11 students to take the ACT. These states will be joined by Kentucky beginning in spring 2008 and West Virginia in spring 2009. Wyoming requires all students to take either the ACT or WorkKeys assessment.

One state—Maine—requires all grade 11 students to take the SAT. Idaho will require all grade 11 students to take the ACT, SAT or COMPASS beginning in spring 2011.

All sources for all data points are available through this link.

Last updated: April 11, 2007

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State requires ACT or SAT for all students
  • Yes-ACT
  • Idaho
  • Yes-ACT, COMPASS or SAT (effective 2010-2011)
  • Illinois
  • Yes-ACT
  • Kentucky
  • Yes-ACT (effective 2007-2008)
  • Maine
  • Yes-SAT
  • Michigan
  • Yes-ACT
  • Vermont
  • No
    Notes/Citation: However, section 20 (g) of 2006 H.B. 867 directs the state commissioner of education to "consult with high school principals and other appropriate people to consider whether" the ACT and/or SAT "should be used to assess student academic progress in the high school grades." The commissioner is required to report back to the house and senate education committees by the end of January 2007 with his recommendations.
  • West Virginia
  • Yes-ACT (effective 2008-2009)
  • Wyoming
  • Yes-ACT
    Notes/Citation: Homeschool and private school students must have the opportunity to take the ACT or WorkKeys at no cost on the same day they are administered to public school students.

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