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Guilford Mission Possible
North Carolina : Guilford Mission Possible -District Level
Program Statistics
Name and Level Mission Possible

Mission Possible is a district level program for Guilford County Schools in North Carolina.

Status Mission Possible

Guilford County Schools introduced the Mission Possible plan for the 2006-2007 school year. The program will expand to an additional seven schools using TIF funds granted in November 2006.

Program Description Mission Possible

GCS Mission Possible is a teacher incentive program designed to attract and retain teachers for underserved schools and subject areas and to reward teachers for outstanding results. It is a comprehensive support program for teachers in selected schools focusing on high quality staff development and smaller class sizes. GCS Mission Possible schools aim to be professional learning communities with supportive leaders and collaborative work environments. The program includes: 1.) Professional Training, 2.) Recruitment and Retention Bonuses, and 3.) Performance Incentives. To receive bonuses, teachers must show student achievement by a certain margin on state achievement tests. The program also includes sanctions for weak teachers.

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Hard-to-Staff, High Needs, At-Risk Component
Program Target Components
  • Hard to staff subject
  • High poverty / high needs schools
  • Description of Component Mission Possible

    GCS Mission Possible aims to reward math and reading teachers and principals at historically low-performing schools in the district.

    Incentive Structure
    Compensation Structure Mission Possible

    The compensation structure includes 2 categories (in addition to required professional training) for which teachers can receive incentive bonuses. The recruitment/retention incentive category offers incentives for teachers who teach specific grade levels and subject areas. The performance incentive rewards Value Added Scores and AYP for the schools.

    Incentives Mission Possible

    Recruitment/Retention Incentives include:

    • $2,500 for K-2 classroom teachers
    • $2,500 for 3rd-8th grade classroom teachers who teach reading, language arts, or math
    • $9,000 for middle and high school math teachers
    • $10,000 for middle and high school Algebra I teachers
    • $5,000-$10,000 for school principals
    The Performance Incentives offer:
    • $2,500-$4,000 for qualifying Value Added Scores
    • $2,500-$5,000 for school AYP
    Incentive Recipients Mission Possible

    Teachers and principals who have been selected to work at the Mission Possible schools.

    Methods of Evaluation
    Method of Evaluation Mission Possible Student achievement test scores, value added scores and AYP are used for evaluation.
    Stakeholder Involvement
    Teachers and Teacher's Unions Mission Possible

    No information found.

    Other Stakeholders Mission Possible

    The Superintendent of Guilford County Schools is credited with the creation of Mission Possible.

    Program Funding
    Cost Mission Possible

    Approximately $10 million for incentive bonuses.

    Funding Mission Possible

    Action Greensboro and the federal Teacher Incentive Fund have provided the funding for the Mission Possible program.

    Results and Outcomes
    Results and Outcomes Mission Possible

    No information found.

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