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Adolescent Literacy: State Offers Middle/High School Teachers a Mentoring/Induction Program with a Literacy Component

Mentoring/induction programs allow immediate feedback and interface between each mentor and teacher and can leverage the impact on literacy instruction by training teachers who then mentor others.

Why does it matter?

  • Strong mentoring or induction programs offer ongoing, systemic and long-term assistance.
  • Highlights:

  • Two states have included literacy in their mentoring/induction program.
  • In North Carolina, a 2006 governor's initiative established a literacy coaching program that identifies the lowest performing eighth grades, and selects one teacher from each to receive training from the state teacher academy to become a literacy coach.
  • Methodology: The information was collected from state statutes, recently enacted legislation (session laws), and rules and regulations. Where necessary, statewide initiatives created outside of policy were collected from state agencies. The information will be updated as changes occur.

    Sources for all data points are available through this link.

    Last updated: June 2008

    Research was conducted by Melodye Bush. Please contact Bush at 303-299-3631 or with comments or questions about this database.

    State offers middle/high school teachers a mentoring/induction program with a literacy component
    Missouri Yes, statute established the Missouri teacher corps program to improve elementary reading skills and basic student achievement in remedial reading. An eight-week intensive training institute for the recruits is to provide skills needed to assist them in teaching. The recruits must be assigned by the corps to public school districts on the basis of local need.
    North Carolina In 2006, Governor Easley established a literacy coaching program which identified the lowest-performing eighth grades. These schools select one teacher to receive training from the state teacher academy to become a literacy coach.

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