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Pay-for-Performance Plans

All initiatives taken from the 2005 State of the State Address of each state's Governor.

Pay-for-Performance / Teacher Accountability
California : 2005 Governor's Initiatives Proposal: Base teacher salary and employment on merit rather than tenure.

Status: A constitutional amendment to force this change, SCAX1 1, was introduced in the Senate on 01/13/05, and was re-referred to the Senate Education Committee without hearing on 03/01/05.

Delaware : 2005 Governor's Initiatives Proposal: Implement teacher accountability system for 2005-6 school year.

Status: No legislation was introduced before the end of the session, though the State Department of Education may implement a rule to enforce a system designed jointly with the Governor's office and the Legislature.

Idaho : 2005 Governor's Initiatives Proposal: Support the State Board of Education's recommendation to implement teacher merit pay.

Status: A commission is studying the issue now, but no recommendations have been forthcoming, and no action taken as of the end of the legislative session.

Massachusetts : 2005 Governor's Initiatives Proposal: Improve evaluations of teachers, allowing state to remove highly ineffective teachers.

Status: This and other proposals are scheduled to be part of Gov. Romney's Education Reform Act of 2005, which as of 07/29/05 had not been introduced to the legislature.

Minnesota : 2005 Governor's Initiatives Proposal: Institute performance pay for quality teaching based on rigorous review system, replacing tenure.

Status: The enrolled budget, HF 141, signed into law on 07/14/05, includes $86 million in grants for local school districts to implement Q-Comp, the alternative compensation system for teachers which rewards additional responsibilities, student performance, and specific skill development.

Mississippi : 2005 Governor's Initiatives Proposal: Design a pay for performance plan that is fair and broad enough so that all teachers are eligible.

Status: The Education Reform Act of 2005, SB 2504, passed both the House and Senate, but died in Conference. The bill would have required the State Board of Education to research the feasibility of a value-added pay for performance system. The Governor will call a special session for October to take up the legislation again.

Nevada : 2005 Governor's Initiatives Proposal: Establish pay for performance salary incentives in at risk schools.

Status: No specific action taken, though funds from the School Remediation Trust Fund, if approved, could be used for this purpose by districts.

Rhode Island : 2005 Governor's Initiatives Proposal: Introduce merit pay for teachers.

Status: The budget, HB 5270, signed into law on 06/30/05, includes funds for a pilot study of merit pay for teachers.

Information for Indiana, Kansas, and Missouri may be incomplete.

Information from Delaware, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Missouri, New Hampshire, and Vermont has not been confirmed by the Governor's Office.

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