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General Teacher Compensation Reforms

All initiatives taken from the 2005 State of the State Address of each state's Governor.

General Teacher Compensation
Iowa : 2005 Governor's Initiatives Proposal: Double funding for the Student Achievement and Teacher Quality Program, which supplements teacher salaries.

Status: The education appropriations bill, HF 816, signed into law on 06/06/05, provided $24 million of the requested $47 million for this proposal.

Kentucky : 2005 Governor's Initiatives Proposal: Offer $36 million in flexible compensation beyond basic 2% raise to improve recruitment and retention.

Status: The final budget, HB 267, signed into law on 03/22/05, does not include funding for this measure. However, the Governor's Office is developing a task force to examine the issue.

Massachusetts : 2005 Governor's Initiatives Proposal: Increase overall teacher salaries, specifically offering supplements to attract math/science teachers.

Status: This and other proposals are scheduled to be part of Gov. Romney's Education Reform Act of 2005, which as of 07/29/05 had not been introduced to the legislature.

Minnesota : 2005 Governor's Initiatives Proposal:Allow districts to pay more to teachers in hi-need schools and hard to staff subject areas.

Status: The enrolled budget, HF 141, signed into law on 07/14/05, includes $86 million in grants for local school districts to implement Q-Comp, the alternative compensation system for teachers which rewards additional responsibilities, student performance, and specific skill development.

Wisconsin : 2005 Governor's Initiatives Proposal: Overturn legislation which discourages salary and benefit innovation, and design new system which rewards performance, knowledge, and challenges.

Status: The budget, AB 100, signed into law on 07/25/05, authorizes up to $1.8 million in grants to up to 20 school districts to implement alternative compensation systems.

Information for Indiana, Kansas, and Missouri may be incomplete.

Information from Delaware, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Missouri, New Hampshire, and Vermont has not been confirmed by the Governor's Office.

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